Panthere edges Eding Sport in a 5 goal thriller

Panthere of Nde renewed with winning ways after edging Eding sports 2-3 at mbankomo.

The visitors opened score by  Guy Tchuitchoua but Beo Batto from a solo move will equate score for the home side. (1-1)

Panthere will continue domination up front and it’s from a set piece that the yellow and green colours will double goal tally.  Robert Tamatieu will convert a beautiful free kick in the back of the net. (1-2). Eding will fight back and push Panthere to a defensive error from Cedric Fotso and a penalty for Eding converted into goal by Bonny Elame. (2-2)

Eding Sport will try to cling to this scoreline but it’s goalkeeper Marcelin Mbahbi will cost them a few kick at the 90th minute after handling the ball with the hand out of the penalty area. Tamatieu will once more take the free kick and scores, offering himself a brace in this game. (2-3).

Panthere records precious 3 points in the fight against relegation putting an end to Eding Sport’s series of positive results.


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