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Players Of Green Eagles Stuck In Cameroon

Players Of Green Eagles Stuck In Cameroon

Zambia premiership side Green Eagles have four players stuck in Cameroon after having tested positive for Covid19.

The sour news was sandwiched between Cotonsport’s win in their CAF Confederation Cup showdown, as one of the Green Eagles’ player already showed signs of the dreaded disease on arrival to Cameroon.

After the game, a CAF diligated media personal tested and noticed that four of Green Eagles players had been infected and so, need to be quarantined for at least two weeks.

Four of players will therefore wait for their quarantine aftermath before looking at the way forward.

Green Eagles was beaten home and away by a stern Cotonsport side; two nil in Zambia and one – nil in the intermediate Lions den.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is set to head back to base this Wednesday, January 6, from the Douala International Airport.


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