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PSG vs Basaksehir: Webo Suffers Racism, As Players Break Lose In UCL Show Of Shame

Achille Webo Racially jabbed

Pierre Achille Webo, 38, reportedly suffered racial comments on Tuesday night in Paris, from Romanian official – Sebastian Coltescu

Sebastian Coltescu was the fourth official in the champions league game pitting Webo’s Basaksehir; on the travel, to French giants PSG.

Former Cameroonian poacher, Achille Webo was clearly not happy with some of the officiating on the evening. As the law recommends, any worry from a team official, could be calmly brought to the fourth official.

In an attempt to call Sabastian’s notice, Webo is reported to have been referred to as ‘negro.’

Hell then break lose as Webo was not willing to accept such an appellation, together with some players on the reserve desks of both Basaksehir and PSG.

Despite Webo having received a red card from the central referee for his outburst, players of  both set of teams denied continuing with Sabastian on the byline as fourth official.

this Black guy? You never say this white guy,” Ba cried foul.

You said ‘This guy,'” Ba is heard saying. “So why when you mention—listen to me, you mention a Black guy, [do] you have to say ‘This Black guy,’? Ba lamented.

After a moment of disarray, both teams moved back to the dressing room and never came back.

The ‘No to racism’ campaign has taken a new twist, as what obtained in last night’s game had never occurred in the champions league.

The players themselves feel UEFA should put tougher sanctions, rather than placards and billboards, with players mixing up to take photos – pre games, wearing a smiley face.

UEFA has announced the game will be played on Wednesday evening, while she continues her investigation.

Nevermind the chaos. The stakes of the game are still of mighty importance. A win or a draw for PSG will see them through to the round of 16, as Manchester United fell out of gasp against R.B Leipzig, hence Europa league bound.


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