Pyramids’ Ex is now Al-Hilal’s Honorary President !

In A Non Expected Move

Turki Al Sheikh, the former owner of the Egypt’s Pyramids FC and the current owner of the Almeria club in La Liga 2, announced that

he accepted the honorary presidency of the Sudanese Al-Hilal SC

Official Letter Sent By Al-Hilal BD

Where the President of Al-Hilal Club sent an official letter containing a decision taken by the Board of Directors of the Sudanese club to grant the honorary position to Mr. Al Sheikh.


For his part, the Saudi billionaire made it clear that he accepts the position with pride and promised the fans of the Arabic club to make his best efforts to develop the club at all technical and logistical levels.

Al-Hilal SC
Al-Hilal SC

It is noteworthy that Al-Hilal club participates in the CAF inter-clubs competitions and seeks to reach the African podium after being away from it for many years … Let’s wait for a different winter Mercato in Sudan


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