S W Regional Championship: Day 2 Fixtures, Venues, Dates Plus Match Officials

Match day two of the south west Regional Championship has been made public by the south Regional League of fecafoot in Buea today Tuesday March 2, 2021. 

The championship that was launched last December in Tiko,  was halted due to the just ended African nations championship (CHAN) hosted by Cameroon.

Day two fixtures will see ambitious H. O Academy take on legendary Prisons FC of Buea at the BGS field in Buea, while in Limbe,  legendary Victoria United shall take on Best Stars Academy of Limbe at the Limbe community field.

Complete Day Two Fixtures,  Time, Venue,  Match Officials. 

March 6, 2021. 

Buea, 1:30pm: Buea United vs Dynamic FC ( BGS field)

Referee: Chebe Akwanwi

1st Assistant: Emma Nkete

2nd Assistant: Tia Valery

Match Commissioner: Tatu Engelbert

General Coordinator: South West Regional League.

3:30pm,  Same venue: Continental FA vs University of Buea FC

Referee: Kong Norbert

1st Assistant: Kossoh Elvis

2nd Assistant: Mimche Pouamoun

Match Commissioner: Sama Neil Ronald

Coordinator: South West Regional League.

Limbe, 3:30pm ISOSHA vs NQSA (Limbe community field)

Referee: Ngangqueh Amadou

1st Assistant: William Atangana

2nd Assistant: Laiver Viban Franklin

Match Commissioner: Joseph Ikundi Mbua

Coordinator: South West Regional League.

March 7, 2021

Tiko, 1:30pm;  Treviso FC vs Ajax Likumba (Tiko Town Green)

Referee: Akangon Michael

1st Assistant: Libwea John

2nd Assistant: Gabon Steve

Match Commissioner: Elad Moses

Coordinator: South West Regional League.

Tiko,3:30pm,  same venue: Little Foot FC vs EEMSA

Referee: Ngwo Ngong Pascal

1st Assistant: Andrian Millo

2nd Assistant: Njoni Limunga

Match Commissioner: Tita Samuel

Coordinator: South West Regional League

Kumba, 1:30pm;  Kumba Lakers vs NENFA ( GPS Field)

Referee: Findong Amos

1st Assistant: Nquetta Gilbert

2nd Assistant: Ngah Ameh Carl

Match Commissioner: Maenge Samuel

Coordinator: South West Regional League

3:30pm,  same venue: Bau Manibok vs Future Dreams

Referee: Atecha Divine

1st Assistant:Esong Valentine

2nd Assistant: Peumendji Bernard

Match Commissioner: Esapa Samuel Esapa

Coordinator: South West Regional League

Limbe; 1:30pm,  FUSSA vs LIFCA

Referee: Akwa Agock Bertrand

1st Assistant: Azongwa Samuel

2nd Assistant: Emmanuel Lyonga

Match Commissioner: Bengu Thomas

Coordinator: South West Regional League

3:30pm,  same venue,  Best Stars Academy vs Victoria United

Referee: Ngale Njuma

1st Assistant: Atangabong Christopher

2nd Assistant: Ngwa Kinsley

Match Commissioner: Ngando Peter

Coordinator:South West Regional League

Buea; ( 1:30pm, BGS field, ) H. O Academy vs Prisons FC

Referee: Fopa Gilbert

1st Assistant:Enow Gilbert

2nd Assistant: Folla Maxwell

Match Commissioner: Babila Richard

3:30pm,  same venue: Cinyodev FA vs Mount Cameroon FC

Referee: Manfo Tsopmo Fabrice

1st Assistant: Diakem Zangue

2nd Assistant: Bate Oben

Match Commissioner: Forbuyie Farbien

Coordinator: South West Regional League.

According to the Secretary General of the South West Regional League of fecafoot, Mr Sylvester Muambo, stakeholders should respect barrier measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile,  Tiko United,  Nkamanyi FI, Options Sport Academy,  Catholic University SA will be on stand by.


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