S W Regional Championship: Day 9 Results, Treviso Harvest First Point.

South West Regional championship.

Matches counting for day 9 of the ongoing south west Regional Championship have been played with Treviso harvesting their point of the season. 

In Tiko, there was a 10 goals thriller at the Tiko Town Green stadium, as Treviso FC recorded their first win of the campaign, after a 5-5 draw with Little Foot of Tiko. Treviso are still bottom of Pool E with 1 point despite the draw.

Still in Tiko, the race for the two tickets for the mini inter pool is far from over, as Ajax Lions were held 1-1 by Tiko United. The draw puts them on 13 points each, with EEMSA as their nearest challangers with 12 points. The last playing proved to be tough, as EEMSA takes on Ajax Lions, While Tiko United Treviso FC.

In Buea, Catholic University SA through away a 2-1 lead at half-time, to settle for a draw at the Molyko omnisports Stadium. Ngembo and Agbor Oben scored for Buea United, while Valerie Barkar and Elias Sakwe scored for CUSA.

Complete Results.

Little Foot 5-5 Treviso

Tiko United 1-1 Ajax Lions

Catholic University SA 2-2 Buea United

Future Dreams 1-0 Kumba Lakers

Nkamanyi FI P-P Bau Manibok

It should be noted that the game between Nkamanyi FI and Bau Manibok was postponed due to the brutal assassination Kombe Israel,  the President of Bau Manibok by men of the underworld.

University of Buea FC, NEMFA and EEMSA were exempted.


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