Saint Fabien Mvogo Is Changing The Game

Saint Fabien Mvogo Is Changing The Game

With football fans not fully recovered from the exquisite hand of fellowship extended to Cameroon continental representatives, Saint Fabien Mvogo, has announced to aid clubs from the center as usual, pre start of the season.

The emblematic president of Eding Sports FC who has a good mastery of the game inside-out, has announced the Center region’s general assembly, in view of the 2020 regional championship commencement. The date has been earmarked for December 14.

A donation of sports equipments have been promised by the president, to clubs of all categories in the Central regional championship, even the so called greats and underdogs.

The President’s largesse is extended to clubs of the Center region every now and then.  Mvogo handed Yaounde II (YAFOOT) the sum of 4 million and other sporting equipments not long ago.

Like his name ‘Saint’, Eding’s President is a breath of fresh air, supporting football for the love of the game.


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  1. This man had been doing great.
    Seeing him support PWD BAMENDA in Limbe was an excellent gesture which I salut and present in Garoua this weekend to support the Cotonites was wonderful..More power to him and we pray for more of his type in the country’s football system

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