Samuel Eto’o Cheats Death In Car Accident

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

Africa’s most decorated player of all time, Samuel Eto’o was involved in a car accident on Sunday November 8, in Nkongsamba – Cameroon.

For starters, Nkongsamba is a city in Western Cameroon. It is in the Moungo department, which is in the Littoral region.

The former Chelsea and Barca man had his car reportedly met by another, from the back.

Veteran Journalist Martin Carmus Mimb, being closer to the player, has told the media that Eto’o didn’t sustain major injuries in the aftermath.

A football name that needs no introduction, Eto’o Samuel has turned not just a business man, but, a Pan – Africanist, serving the continent.

The four time African balloon d’Or winner is yet to comment on the situation or make a public outing as regards the scary incident.


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