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Sinisa Jovanovic: I don’t think it’s right for us to play on such a pitch!!

After a goaless draw against Stade Renard of Melong, Sinisa Jovanovic in a post match interview complained about the state of the turf on which the match was played.

Given the quality of the pitch, I would say that I’m satisfied with a point. I don’t think this is right for us to play on a pitch like this. No one loves it. It’s just kicking the ball and nothing else. We have to wait for a free kick or corner to score a goal. This is not football. I hope that soon, we shall stop playing on such pitches.

He went on to employ for a better game conditions to satisfy the numerous fans who have been coming in their numbers since the resumption of the MTN Elite 1 season.

It was difficult game. I know Stade Renard has players with much physical strength. We equally responded on this aspect. As I earlier said, what disturbed my team was the terrain. We had a goal opportunity but couldn’t conclude it because of the bad pitch. This is not good for the supporters. We come to play for them. It’s good when we see a field full of supporters just like here in Melong but the field should be properly managed.


By NKEDE Lawrence


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