South West Cup of Cameroon playoffs:- “Our limit is not the round of 32, we expect to go and qualify within the round of 16”, Kome Frank, president of Istanbul FA

President Kome Frank of Istanbul FA
President Kome Frank of Istanbul FA

Though eliminated by ISOSHA during the first round, Istanbul FA was retained into the competition through the best loser rule.

Ironically, this turned to be a cancer to legendary clubs in the region as Istanbul eliminated NQSA and Tiko United in the second and third rounds respectively.

With an easy win over Nkamanyi FI today at the Molyko Stadium, president Kome Frank of Istanbul talk to with so much optimism to take into the future.

Appraisal of his team…

“We played against a very good team, but we were determined, we played very well, prepared very well, so we are very happy”.

Expectations in the next round of the competition…

“Our limit is not the round of 32 but we expect to go and qualify and represent the South West within the rounds of 16”.

The words of president Kome Frank.

Concerning expectations from FECAFOOT…

“We expect FECAFOOT to have some good organization about the tournament. We also expect matches to be played in very secured and very good playing fields so that we display our talents”.

Kome Frank talking to

It should be noted that H. O Academy and Option Sports FA will join Istabul as the three flag bearers of the South West Region at the Cup of Cameroon.


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