South West Regional Championship: Discover Complete Match Day One Results.

24 out of 26 teams in the South West Regional Championship were in action over the weekend as the big guns like Victoria United,  LIFCA, Tiko United and Mount Cameroon FC all recorded defeats in their season opener. 

A total of 28 goals were scored in match day one of the South West Regional championship.

The match FUSSA vs ISOHSA did not take place due to licence issues.

Complete Day One Results. 


Tiko United 0-1 EEMSA

Prisons FC 6-0 Cinyodev FA

Buea United 3-1 University of Buea FC

Ajax Likomba 4-0 Little Foot FC

H. O Academy 3-0 Mount Cameroon FC

FUSS VS ISOHSA (licence issues)

Bau Manibok 4-1 NEMFA

Njalla Quan SA 2-1 LIFCA

Nkamanyi FI 1-0 Future Dreams FA

It should be noted that Best Stars, Continental FA, Trevisor FC and Kumba Lakers were exempted from Match day one.

The league will resume in February next year after the African nations championship (CHAN).


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