Southwest Fecafoot Elections: Henry Njalla Quan Jr To Lead SW Fecafoot Into New Era

Henry Njalla Quan Jr become the youngest president to lead fecafoot southwest

Elvis Kang


BUEA — Henry Njalla Quan looked out at the people who rule soccer, the members of SW Once, twice, he tried to begin his speech, clearly stunned. He had just won the SW Fecafoot presidency on Monday, but seemed to be still sorting out how it had happened.

Despite Elections Malpractices by the incumbent president Dr Ndive Thomas and manipulation and refusal of the Cameroon football federation electoral committee to integrate Limbe Football Club Association( LIFA) and Madam Tah Rose who is the president of Manyu divisional league and who also doubles as president of Manyu Fc were all refuse to be granted asses to vote but still the New Dawn Lead by Mr Henry Njalla Quan Jr won the election 17 – 15 votes

Mr. Njalla Quan Jr ascent to perhaps the most powerful position in sports in the southwest was hardly foreseeable several months ago. As South West football reeled from one crisis — that of widespread corruption allegations and elections Malpractices

Dr Ndive Thomas the incumbent was considered the favorite to become the Southwest Fecafoot President for the second time in Monday’s election but faced questions about possible connections to corruption and bribery just days before the elections proper

Instead, Mr. Njalla Quan Jr, a Njalla Sports Academy president and administrator, will try to lead football in Southwest region out of its darkest period after South West voting members, in an upset, chose him to follow the glory days of Senator Mbella Moki Charles. Mr. Njalla Quan Jr, 33, becomes just the second president after Mbella Moki Charles in southwest football history, a reality that is emblematic of its long-embedded resistance to change.

The Ndive Thomas -derided executive committee — notorious for years of scandals, bribery, and political intrigue — will be replaced by an 8-member Southwest executive that must include at least one woman in the emblematic Njalla Quan Jr Era called ” The New Down’


Elvis Kang

Elvis Kang is a graduate With a Diploma in Journalism from ALISON Online University Has worked with Eternity Gospel Radio 📻 Limbe Presently a sports Consultant with CAM1 TV Limbe

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