Sport Analyst Calls on All To Focus On CHAN And Forget About Distractions

Sport Analyst Calls on All To Focus On CHAN And Forget About Distractions

By Etienne Mainimo

Rymond Elume, Sport analyst and consultant says, football actors in the country should rather focus on the ongoing African Nation Championship, CHAN in the country and stop bringing distractions.

The sport analyst spoke to shortly after a general assembly of FECAFOOT is said to have been organized via video conference on February 2.

According to Elume, the said conference is not legal and holds no water going by the text of FECAFOOT.

Let us focus on the major continental tournament CHAN we are organizing and forget about distractions. This is not the time for people to be distracted. There are people in the federation working hand-in-hand with the local organizing committee and CAF’s officials,” Elume Said.

He added that, “Even if a normalization committee was put in place, they would still have been doing the same job that FIFA has left with those who are in the federation right now to handle the current affairs. Handling the current affairs of the federation has no status.”

People should not take persons and confuse them for legal entities. Right now, Seidou Njoya is not the president of FECAFOOT. He represent an entity and working as interim to ensure that with the CAS rulings which shows that for continuing of service, it refers to FIFA to see what to do next. I simply do not know why people don’t want to read the 50 page document and interpret it,” he added.

Concerning the video conference held, he said, the text of FECAFOOT does not talk about video conference. “Our texts clearly states that for the General Assembly to be held, members have to be inform in person in writing and has to be a physical meeting.

In addition, there is no log sheet of those who claimed that they were part of the meeting.”
However, following a document that circulated on social media signed by Barrister Lebel Elomo Manga on February 2, members of the General Assembly decided to remove all competence from Seidou Mbombo Njoya and the members of the Executive Committee elected on December 12, 2018.

The said document went on to state that for a period of three months from its installation, a Provisional Executive Committee responsible for managing the current affairs of FECAFOOT, revising the Statutes and the Electoral Code of FECAFOOT and organizing a fair, equitable and transparent electoral process have been appointed.

The provisional Executive consist of Senator Albert Mbida as president, Prince Ndoki Mukete as Vice alongside five members. According to information pending confirmation, more than two-thirds of members, or 51 out of a total of 74, were present on the Zoom platform.
The figures for the vote setting up a provisional executive committee, in accordance with FECAFOOT statutes in force, were 41 votes in favor, eight against and two absent.

This move follows another incident where team presidents gathered at the FECAFOOT headquarters in Tsinga to ask Seidou Njoya to quite the scene.

Meanwhile, on January 15, the decision from CAS annulled the election of President Seidou Njoya conducted in 2018.

However, a comment from FIFA indicated that the present executive should provisionally handle services at the football house and organize fresh elections.


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