Stepané Bahoken’s 7 month sentence cancelled.

Cameroon International, Stephane Bahoken has been liberated after his was sentenced for seven months for domestic violence and bridge of traffic rules.

This was after the 28 year old was found guilty of allegations levied against him. Though the case was to take place in December this year,  the prosecution decided to advance the date by linking the two offenses.

One of the crimes he committed was domestic violence against his partner as he was found guilty of the allegation before a court in France on Wednesday.

The Angers forward pleaded guilty of to charges of violence,  insults and death traits against his partner.

According to, the forward was sentenced four months imprisonment and a fine of 1.3 million CFA frs (2,000 euros)

In the other case which he committed in August was a bridge of traffic rules.  This was after the forward crossed a white line poorly and got angry with a motorist who turns out to be a police office on duty.

The charges that was slammed on him was a three months imprisonment plus a fine of 4.8 million CFA frs (6,878).

But reports from credible news organ, Indomitable Lions trackers is reporting that the 28 year old has been liberated after he was sentenced to seven months for domestic violence and bridge of traffic rules has been changed to community service or financial sanctions.

Stephane Bahoken has so far scored 2 goals plus one assist for Angers this season and is part of the indomitable list of 32 recently published by Antonio Conceicao.


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