Supporters Must Normalize Their Mentality.

Football lovers in Ghana were in an expectant mood after FIFA announced the normalization committee. The government of the day, football clubs, sports journalists and football fans had the faith in the Normalization Committee to normalize our football.

Though the normalization committee have not lived up to expectation so far, the hard truth is that football lovers have not normalized their mentality. Our game cannot be attractive if there are glimpses of hooliganism in our game. There have been several instances of hooliganism since the commencement of the NC special competition.

Incidents happening at the Aliu Mahama sports since the commencement of the NC special competition is a disgrace to the nation. Journalists are afraid to go to league centers in the on-going NC special competition. At the Aliu Mahama sports stadium, journalists are not allowed to perform their commentary duties because supporters believe sports commentators can have influence on the game.

According to close sources, there have been instances where the away teams who visit the Aliu Mahama sports stadium have to bring their luggage containing their jerseys from the dressing room to the pitch. This is because of the fear of losing their items after the game.

A team which has been a victim of this menace is Wa Suntaa. Three i-phones were missing from their dressing room after one of their games. Kintampo FC didn’t retrieve any of their items in the dressing room after the first half o their game with Tamale City. Some of the missing items were football boots, IT gadgets and money.

In match day seven (7) of the NC special competition, Kintampo FC locked horns with Real Tamale United(RTU). According to close sources, during the pre-match press conference, the venue officer of the stadium advised Kintampo FC to bring all their luggage to the pitch to avoid any issue of theft. During that match, there was a GBC reporter from Kintampo, a GN radio reporter and a reporter from Nkomode radio. Supporters of RTU gave warnings to these reporters to stop their commentary.

A national sports stadium like the Aliu Mahama sports stadium has no venue officer for Division one. Sports journalists struggle to get team sheets according to close sources. The NC must address the issues going on in Zone 1 (Division One) of the NC competition.

There have been no post-match conferences in games like Tamale City vs Kintampo FC, RTU vs Kintampo FC and Gbewa FC vs Kintampo FC. This is because home teams who play at the Aliu Mahama stadium do not allow it. In Paga, there is no post-match conferences.

On 4th May 2019, Kintampo FC locked horns with Gbewa FC in the Aliu Mahama sports stadium. A GBC reporter from Kintampo was attacked by supporters of Gbewa FC when performing his commentary duties. He was saved later by the police.

This bad attitude of fans at the Aliu Mahama sports stadium is nothing good for our game. Club officials together with their fans must redefine their mentality towards the game in Ghana. Sports journalists must be protected at the various league centers.


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