SW Regional League: Famous Journalist Aka Ntui Ayamba And Coach Mbock Joseph Arrested By Nkwain Valentine(Bobdidy). - MySoccer24

SW Regional League: Famous Journalist Aka Ntui Ayamba And Coach Mbock Joseph Arrested By Nkwain Valentine(Bobdidy).

Bobdidy arrested Coach and his technical staff for the second time in two football season for wining a match

Elvis Kang

Sports Writer- Mysoccer24.com

Mysoccer24.com reports that a Limbe-based Journalist called Aka Ntui Ayaba has been arrested by the Gendarmerie Company in Limbe

His arrest is believed to have originated by Nkwain Valentine President of Victoria United popularly known as Bobdidy who claims Aka Ntui Ayamba assaulted him during the game between Victoria United and LIFCA

The arrested Journalist, of Entersports24 Tv who is also a sports desk editor of Cameroon One Television( Cam1), is believed to have been violently taken from his office while on duty this afternoon by the forces of law and order.

According to the said reporter, The SouthWest based football team “Victoria United” popularly known as”OPOPO”, outstandingly beat Limbe Football Club Association (LIFCA) 3-1 on match Day3 of the South West Regional League.
At the end of the match, while the said reporter was still carrying out his Match Commentary duties, attention was drawn to the pitch when the president of OPOPO hurriedly ran into the Green Tuft harassing OPOPO’s coach Joseph Mbock undressing him for refusing to fill in his player he(Bobdidy) requested from the coach, of which the coach didn’t see fit.

As a result, the truffle between the man refusing to be undressed in front of more than 2000fans quickly attracted the angry supporters of Victoria United who came to the aid of their beloved coach who has just won them a historic victory.
It is a great question of interest here if after saving a team from defeat, any coach should be shamefully treated in such a dehumanizing manner, talk less of Journalists being arrested for carrying out their sworn duties of live broadcast and journalism.

According to multiple reports, this is not new as an attribute of Nkwain Valentine to begrudge the Team especially the coach and his entire technical team for not losing a match as was the case with the team’s first win over EMMSA.

Due to this incident, coach Mbock Joseph and his entire technical team were suspended by the President of Victoria United Nkwain Valentine through a communique signed on the 25th of April 2022 and immediately assigned Kammogne Momo David and Nini Ayisi Lucas as temporal coaches to manage the team while awaiting the appointment of a permanent coach.

According to the reporter, Coach Mbock Joseph and another staff member also got arrested a few minutes after Aka Ntui Ayamba’s arrest.

History has just repeated itself as Nkwain Valentine President of Victoria United orchestrated the same act just as he did last football season when he arrested coach Njoku Barnabas and his entire technical staff for refusing to yield to his demands.

It should be noted that this act is only happening at a time when the South West Region is in *dying need* of an Elite 2 team.


Elvis Kang

Elvis Kang is a graduate With a Diploma in Journalism from ALISON Online University Has worked with Eternity Gospel Radio 📻 Limbe Presently a sports Consultant with CAM1 TV Limbe

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