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SWRL: Coach Littbaski Explains Why He Resigned as TERMSTA Coach.

Coach Littbaski clears the air over his resignation as TERMSTA coach.

Former TERMSTA coach, Ngoe aka Littbaski has explained the reasons why he parted ways with newly promoted South West Regional league side TERMSTA.

Coach Littbaski was in charge of three matches for the club as they recorded three straight defeats in their opening three fixtures. The 2-0 defeat to Prisons of Buea became the last game for Littbaski as coach of the club.

Following his resignation, the club said they had parted ways with the coach, but Ngoe contradicted by saying that the statement was an error – and that he resigned because the president is not viable enough to give him what he needs.

“it was a grammatical error because when you say TERMSTA parted ways with coach is an error because I don’t see where we parted ways because he is not viable to produce what I need. That’s why I terminated my contract with him”, he told reporters.

Aspect of the president interfering with his job…

” Yes he was the one sending line ups for me to use whereas that’s not what other presidents do and he sends players that I’ve never seen to come and play only when we have matches which is not nice so I have to decide to leave him.

Reactions from players after his resignation…

“The players received the news with mix feelings. Some felt bad.

What next for coach Littbaski…

” I have my plan and another club in Kumba is looking for me and by the second round you will see me in the field”, he concluded.

Ever since coach Ngoe left TERMSTA the club managed to grab just one point in their next four matches as they currently tail pool A with just one point in seven league games conceding 15 goals and scoring just three goals.


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