“The Presidents have become very mature”, Ndive Thomas, President South West Fecafoot.

The General Assembly of the South West Fecafoot took place today December 12, 2020 at the headquarters in Buea.

The General Assembly which by many is one of the most interactive General Assemblies,  the president of the South West Fecafoot applauded the interactive participation of club presidents and delegates.

“I must appreciate the interactive participation of delegates and the members and the frank deliberations we had,  the validation of the resolutions of the executive bureau”

“The presidents have become very mature. Mature in terms of discussion,  their participation in meeting like this”, Ndive Thomas told Media men

Concerning Launching…

“We are launching the tomorrow in Tiko and after that on the 20th of December,  the other teams will play their first day of play”

Because of the CHAN we have to halt and wait for the CHAN to finish before we continue”, he added

Concerning the budgeting of the League.

“The budget of the regional league,  remember subvention is from the national league.  The regional league have not been autonomous but we are working hand-in-hand with the regional league. It is only on the basis of that we will be having a clear picture on budgeting”.

Concerning Sponsorship. ..

“We have started discussion with some sponsors a rround the community and we are working presently with the national office to work on a joined program because we don’t want a situation where regional leagues though they are not autonomous will go into sourcing for funds and the national is also sourcing for funds.  So we think we should do a joint sponsorship approach where none comes into the national and distributed to the regional leagues but that doesn’t disturb the regional leagues to look for sponsors”, he concluded



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