The Unbroken Reality Of Tiko United Alias Samba Boys

The samba boys of Tiko have left behind an unbroken reality in the history of anglophone teams as long as the Cameroon professional league is concerned so far.

It was founded in the early 1960s as C.D.C Tiko. During the late 70s and early 80s, its parent company, the Cameroon Development Corporation gradually relinquished sponsorship. Tea cultivation, being the main company’s product was eventually taken over by a citizen cooperative in Tiko. It was then renamed Tiko United.

In 2009, the club won the Cameroon Première Division for the first time in its history and a place in CAF Champions League in 2010. Click here

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Determined Samba Boys at half time during one of their last days in Elite one.

How real was Tiko United?

Well pronounced when they made way into the division one championship in Cameroon and decided to make and keep history during the 2008/2009 season as they emerged the champions at the end of the season. The championship title no anglophone team has ever taken.

What made them famous?

It should be noted that despite their fight in the just paused regional league due to the world wide covid-19 epidemic the Samba Boys kept an unforgettable sheet during their reign at the elite one as follows:

They played a total of 26 games winning 12 and gaining one due to match malpracticing from Aigle Royal of Menoua making it 13 games of 3points each.

How were their victories?

It was a formidable success as they had a majority of 7 home wins and 6 away victories with the most enjoyable being the 4-0 win over Fuvu football club of Baham and slim victories of 1-0 as they trashed Mt Cameroon of Buea both home and away.

Although the above stats signifies their glorious moments, it should be noted that they went through difficult moments as well as humiliating times too.

They recorded a total of 10 draws with 6 on home ground and 4 on away basis which was much preferably than loosing.

Out of the 10 matches they drew, one had 4 goals that was 2-2 against Sable on match day 13 and the least with a goaless tie.

Tiko United: Victory is sweet.

Was that all?

Wins are enjoyable, draws are encouraging but it’s discouraging when you loose worst of it when you loose in a humiliating manner.

During the season the Samba Boys lost 3games in total with none on home soil and their most humiliating defeat was to Sable 5-1 on the last day of play though they recorded a 2-2 draw at home to same team on match day 13.

Theyended the season with a total of 48points with a total of 29 goals scored, 19 conceeded giving them 10 goals to their credit.

What must I know?

Tiko United is the only anglophone team to have the Cameroon league title to their credit and it should be noted that they made their successful days mostly at home with 7 home wins, 21 home goals, 6 home draws and 0  home loose.

Where Are The Samba Boys?

It’s been years since the Samba Boys reigned as they gradually went down the drain from league one in 2013 to league two and to the regional league in 2014.

Since they arrived the regional league never have we heard of their appearance at the level of the national Inter-pool but they are still fighting.

Can dry bones rise again?

Tiko United Alias Samba Boys are currently working on new tactics to see how they can come to lamp light when soccer is concerned as they are group G leaders in the south west regional league with 10point after 4 matches played with 3 victories and a draw.

Soccer pondits in the south west region are not certain yet on whether who can make soccer sweet in the region.

Can the Samba Boys make the difference? Why not if not.

Let’s wait and see.


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