Thomas Müller scores brace and happy with Bayern Munich’s offensive showing


Müller, of course, score two picturesque goals for the Bavarians which were his eighth and ninth of the Bundesliga season to go along with 10 assists. Overall, Müller has 12 goals and 13 assists in 28 games across all competitions this season.

And to think that not one, but two managers tried to write off the 31-year-old’s career.

“We attacked Schalke’s goal very well, but in the end sometimes the decisive element was missing,” Müller said of Bayern Munich’s early onslaught which saw a few attempts miss the mark (per Tz). “But overall, you notice that when we pick up the pace, we get into shooting positions. It’s not like we’re completely overrunning opponents, but we’ve done very well throughout the week.”

Müller, though, was happy to be able to help his squad breakthrough the Schalke 04 defensive strategy.

“We’re doing pretty well in front of goal, that’s all you can say,” Müller said. “A goal like the second one doesn’t happen to me that often. But I’ll work on scoring more often like that.”

Overall, Müller knows last season will be difficult for the squad to replicate, but he is more than willing to try.

“You have to remember, last summer was exceptional,” said Müller. “That’s our benchmark, of course, but teams have also adjusted to us. We have improved though, today no one was running towards Manu (Manuel Neuer) alone.”



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