Total CHAN 2020: 🇨🇲 The 33 Intermediate lions in camp

33 Intermediate lions are presently camping at the Monte Febe hotel in Yaoundé

Cameroon’s intermediate lions will host the warriors of Zimbabwe on Saturday January 16, 2021, in the opening game of the 2020 African Nations championship.

Cameroonians have been anxiously waiting for coach Martin Ndtoungou Mpile to make Public his final list of players retained to defend the colours of the country, when the competition kicks-off in four days time. As Ndtoungou Mpile and the Cameroon football federation continue to maintain sealed lips as far as the final list is concerned, it is understood that cameroon like the rest of the participating teams, had submitted their list of players to CAF, before the January 06, deadline.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, new regulations have permitted teams to submit a list of up to 33 players. 23 are supposed to be in the first list, while 10 others will be on standby and can always be called to action, if need be.

That automatically means that the 33 players still camping with the intermediate lions, will be part of Martin Ndtoungou Mpile’s plans for the CHAN. Recently, Fauve Azur’s Moussinga Hans was drafted in to replace Christian Mayo who pulled out for health reasons. Now let’s revisit the 33 lions presently in camp at the Monte Febe hotel in Yaoundé.



(1) Dande Junior_ APEJES

(2) Epane Letizi- Stade Renard

(3) Haschou Kerrido – PWD of Bamenda

(4) Narcisse Nlend _cotonsport


(5) Boung Joel- PWD of Bamenda

(6) Ndedi Junior-Donlap Academy

(7) Moussinga Hans_Fauve Azur

(8)Banga Bindjeme – Cotonsport

(9)Serge Andolou- Union

(10) Keumi Steve Roberto – Stade Renard

(11) Yamkam a Mbouri -PWD of Bamenda

(12) Hassana Mamoudou – Cotonsport

(13)Joel Ebanda-Colombe

(14) Etame François_cotonsport

(15) Gabriel Penda_ AS Fortuna

(16) Rostand Moukap_Bamboutos


(17) Thierry Tchuente – Cotonsport

(18) Felix Oukine – Cotonsport

(19) Beo Bato– Astres

(20) Joel Emmanuel Kofana- Canon of yaounde

(21) Ngon A Tiati_Canon

(22) Atangana Marc-Fauve Azur

(23) Ako Assomo- AS Fortuna

(24) Onana Fabrice_stade Renard

(25) Bryan Soga_Apejes

(26) Ondoua Franck – AcinFoot Yaounde.

(26) Mani Bertrand_colombe


(28) Jacques Zoua_AS Futuro

(29) Mfede Junior_AS Futuro

(30) Ndjeng Yannick- AS Futuro of Mfou

(31) Man Ykre-Colombe

(32) Meyong_stade Renard

(33) Wilfred Bougain_UMS


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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