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Under-20 AFCON: Meet Cameroon’s Fidele Ambina, The Lad With Kante’s Hustle And Ozil’s Class

Fidele Ambina has started and gone the distance in all of Cameroon’s Under-20 AFCON games so far in Mauritania. Despite the goal scorer Jang Sunday getting most of the credit, Fidele Ambina Brice has been a silent truck in the center, for Cameroon.

He has the ability to stick out a leg when it matters, and pull classy passes when needed as well.


Ambina can run!

That’s the long and short of it. The number of ground Ambina covers per match is quite amazing – the lad covers over 11 kilometres per game which is usually more than what most of his teammates cover per match.

Ambina is a central midfielder who can run and cover more ground than a gazelle. Whereas most central midfielders concentrate more on reading the game and making interceptions, Ambina has the ability to chase down opponents and winning back possession – it’s what makes him stand out.

His immense physical strength

Good luck to you if you intend on outmuscling Fidele Brice Ambina, on any day. The Renaissance of Ngoumou man weighs just about 67kg but he shows the strength a man who is twice that size.

Ambina is strong! This guy was built to be a midfielder. Ambina’s immense physical strength has seen him win chunk of duels in his 2 appearances in the ongoing Under-20 AFCON.

Ambina complements a dying breed of physically strong central midfielders on the continent.

His game reading ability

He’s not all aggressive and no brains. Ambina has the admirable ability of carefully reading the game before putting in that vital tackle – we call it ‘football sense’ in these parts of the continent.

The ability to read the game is what made Sergio Busquets one of the best holding midfielders in the world, Ambina, is definitely following that lane of greatness.

His character

If the Under-20 Lions were to rate every player according to his work-rate, Fidele Brice would perhaps be the highest at all levels – he just never stops working for the team. It’s a quality that’s lacking in a lot of midfield players today. That ability to help your teammates fight for and win back balls as well as provide cover for them when they’re out of position isn’t generic.

He’s got talent

Talent just sums up everything. If Ambina weren’t so talented, he won’t have started all competitive games under Ousmanou Christophe at this category. Ambina was sensational in the finals of the UNIFFAC, providing and assist and bossing the midfield throughout the 90 minutes against CAR.

Several European clubs are already looking at the player’s development at this level. Team Cameroon’s outcome against Mozambique on Saturday wouldn’t change much, as the Junior Lions are through to the next round.


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