UNIFFAC Awards: Jang Sunday wins Best Player Award, Therence Zengba Picks Golden Gloves

UNIFFAC Awards: Junior Sunday wins Best Player Award, Therence Zengba Picks Golden Gloves

After Tuesday’s enthralling final, Cameroon’s Junior Sunday Jang was voted Most Valuable Player of the competition, while Central Africa’s Therence Zengba picked up the golden gloves award.

Eding Sports of the Lekie starlet Jang Junior entered as a substitute and absolutely thrilled fans, scoring twice to make sure Ousmanou Christophe and the lads carry the day (3–0).

There were several other contenders for best player still from Cameroon, but the important, title sealing goals from Sunday Junior could not be overlooked.

Teenage goalkeeper Zengba Therence from the Central African Republic conceded four goals in the tourney; three coming against Cameroon in the final, but was handed the golden gloves award.

Zengba pulled off some heroics to make the score line honourable -but, his defense line led him down in many occasions. These two will be looking to shine in the upcoming Under-20 AFCON tourney to be hosted by Mauritania from February 14.


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