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Unisport obtains a precious draw in Melong

The advance match of the 15th day of play of Cameroon’s MTN elite 1 saw Unisport  Bafang holding Stade Renard to a goaless draw.

Stade Renard of Melon (2nd on league table) started the match with a series of attacks upfront while Unisport of Bafang (8th on league table) spent most of its time trying to contain the assaults of its opponent.

The boys of Sinisa Jovanovic (Serbian coach of Unisport) progressively entered into the game.  They came close to opening score when at the 44th minute, Nelson Igwe received a loosed ball in the penalty box but his shot went far over the cross bar. At half time, the score was nil on either side.

Stade renard of Melong

The second half saw Unisport taking hold of the ball and multiplying attacks upfront with striker Emmanuel Che causing a number of problems to the Melong defence line. Ramses Donfack at the wings and Nelson Igwe in support were able to gain dangerous free kicks for their side but the end result was fruitless.

Unisport of Haut-Nkam

In the last quarter of the game Stade Renard proceeding by long balls upfront ina  kick and rush style of play mounted pressure on the Bafang defence.  At the 63rd minutes, left back, Franch Patrick Ngatcheu Nana overpowered the right wind and obtained a free kick which almost ended up into a goal as goalkeeper Emilien Gwet battered the ball on the back of his defender which later passed an inch to the goalpost.

Several changes made by both sides brought in the second half brought in a new impulse into the game but the match ended in a goalless draw. Enthusiastic fans from both teams went home quite disappointed.


NKEDE Lawrence


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