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Vidal’s late goal gives chili a victory over Cameroon

Chili dominates Cameroon 2-0 at its first match at the FIFA Confederations cup Russia 2017

Chile just needed 55 seconds into play to hit the goalpost of goalkeeper Ondua by Fuenzalida. Three minutes later, the Chileans again through the right flank beat Fai but Ondua was on the shot on target. The Chileans played stretching the game from one angle to another using the entire surface of the field and playing essentially in Cameroon’s half.  The indomitable lions in turn were unable to match up with the pace and technical skills of the Chileans, preferring to remain in their half and proceeding by counterattack. At the 10th minute, in a counterattack move, Moukandjo passed to the ball to Aboubackar who shot on target. The Chilean goalkeeper diverted the ball for a corner kick to Cameroon.  Cameroonians moved a step ahead upfront progressively out of its comfort zone.  At the 24th minute, Beausejour of Chili pierces the Cameroon defence and placed a good ball for Push whose 25 metre shot was shifted by goalkeeper Ondoa.  Two minutes later, the Chilean came close Francelina came close but Ondoa again sent the ball to a corner.

Chileans pressing upfront and at stoppage time (46th minute), the Chileans believed haven made a break through. A beautiful pass from Vital gave Vargas an opening who dashed through the Cameroonian defence to open score.  After a minute of celebration, the video assistance referee intervened and the goal has been ruled out. The Chileans protested but both teams went into the resting room at a 0-0 tie with the Chileans realizing over 400 passes.

Vincent Aboubackar unable to pierce the chilean defence line. photo credit: Getty images

The Cameroonians came back into the second half playing a step higher and began causing problems to the Chilean side. But by the 50th minute, the Chileans took over domination once more with the entrance of Alexis Sanchez.

At the 70th minute, Vargas shot is deflected to corner kick. The corner kick executed passed right in front of Ondoa’s goal missed by all Chilean attackers

Deliverance came at the 81th minute when Chili opened score by Vital through a punching header after Sanchez sent a beautiful cross in between Teikeu and Fai.

Chili doubled tally at the 92nd minutes when Vargas finally scores after Sanchez rushes in a counterattack, shots at goal but Mandjeck blocks with his body. At the rebound, Vargas was there to push the ball into the net.

Cameroon meets Australia in its next match while Chili will play Germany in their next encounter.


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