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WAFU CUP 2019: Sierra Leone beats Liberia after 2 days of Football

Played in 48 hours, sierra leone vs Liberia was a thrilling encounter that saw the Lone stars of Sierra Leone triumph at the end of 48hours of football.

The game that kicked off on the 29th of September at 8pm saw the Lone stars take the lead with a goal from Kalokoh Suffian after 40 minutes of play.
But at the 69th minute, power failure in the stadium got the game interrupted and both teams had to come the next day under the 3:30pm hot sun to complete the 21 last minutes of the game.

Blackout at the Stade Lat Dior at the 69th minute between Sierra Leone vs Liberia

A lot of tension in the last quarter of the game with dangerous fowls committed on both sides, yellow cards and many arguments in this short time frame. Liberia will have its chances but Kelvin Potis, Terry Sackor and Mark Karlay will see their shots end up off target. Wurie Barry will have the ultimate opportunity at extra time but goalkeeper Kamara of Sierre Leone will deny them a goal.

Goal scorer Kalokoh Suffian of sierra Leone will be named man of the match


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