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WATCH: Former Manchester United star Patrice Evra releases bizarre bhangra video for Indian fans

Patrice Evra loves this game. The Frenchman was known as the goofy one in the Manchester United dressing room during his playing days, and has continued that trend with his over the top videos on social media.

Evra has attempted to bring positivity to the world through his posts on platforms such as Instagram, and his most recent one is rather bizarre to say the least.

Evra recorded a video decked up in Indian clothing, full with headgear and shades, with Punjabi music playing in the background and the former left back grooving to the tune.

The post on Instagram appears to have been meant to stop the hatred from fans in India, and spread positivity across all cultures. Take a look.

Patrice Evra was a part of the Manchester United team that won the Premier League and UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the same year back in 2008 and continues to remain an integral part of the United inner circle post retirement.


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